schizoid_sprite (schizoid_sprite) wrote in het_realm,

[fic] Scissored Kismets

Title: Scissored Kismets
Author: schizoid_sprite
Fandom: Gundam Wing
Pairing: Quatre Winner, Dorothy Catalonia
Rating: T
Warnings: None that you should squirm away from; contains some occasional UST's (unresolved sexual situations).
Summary: Quatre Winner and Dorothy Catalonia meet after the wars and become the unwanted focal points of each other's worlds.
Status: In Progress
Disclaimer: Gundam Wing and all its characters © Sotsu Agency, Sunrise, and TV Asahi. Fic written not for profit.

Prologue: Paper Cut
Chapter 1: Bullet with Butterfly Wings
Chapter 2: Lemonade Confessions
Chapter 3: Murmured Facades
Chapter 4: Ersatz
Chapter 5: Of Shadows and Wrong Assumptions
Chapter 6:Somewhere between Unsure and a Hundred 

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