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Resident Evil: 'Ties That Bind' *Ada/Wesker fic/drabbles*

Title: The Ties That Bind Part 1
Fandom: Resident Evil (games)
Author: betareject
Genre: General/possible AU/romance
Warning: Spoilers from RE5
Character(s): Ada Wong/Albert Wesker Leon Kennedy, Jack Krauser, Excella, OFC mentioned.
Rating: Mild PG for dark undertone themes.
Author's Notes: This one is for arcanelegacy who got me hooked on the pairing of Ada/Wesker. This one is for you girl!

Summary: Love was a factor neither could afford. Yet one thing was certain, no one could ever take her place, just as no one would ever take his.


The first time Ada met Albert, she was tired, behind schedule and not at all in a good mood. Even worse, she had yet to recover from her last mission. It was a success, but lack of food, sleep and more importantly, tea had taken its toll.

The man who called himself Albert Wesker was hardly worth her attention. He was arrogant, aloof and far too detached even for Ada’s liking. Therefore, she brushed him off without a second thought. A cup of tea or three later and she noticed the one thing that did make him stand out.

Who in their right mind wore shades indoors?


The second time they met Ada was assigned to work with him. A collaborative project as he put it in that monotone voice she would come to know so well. She did not fancy the idea of being an errand girl, certainly not to Albert Wesker. Her superiors demanded otherwise and so she complied.

Some times Ada wished she had taken the risk of saying no.

Working with Albert was not at all, as she had imagined. He was distant, yet passionate about his work. Mystery shrouded his being just as it shrouded hers, or so Ada had often been told.

Long hours of research into their latest mission were arduous but worthwhile. It had also formed camaraderie between them.

Trust was still an issue but Ada did not mind. She knew it would always be that way. She appreciated the fact that someone who understood its rarity and importance.

Neither could afford the trappings of friendship, certainly not with each other. It was just another unspoken lie, one that neither would ever openly confess.


The hour had been late when Ada addressed the issue of Albert’s shades. Dinner had been forfeit earlier for the sake of duty. Now they both enjoyed what westerners called Korean cuisine or take-out. In Ada’s opinion, it could not have been more further from the truth. Nothing could ever come close to her grandmother’s cooking.

“Do you ever take those off?” The question was spoken as a challenge.

Wesker sniffed in reply and went back to enjoying his gourmet take-out. Neither surprised or amused, Ada raised a brow and put down her utensils.

“You don’t really expect me to believe that you’re eyes are that sensitive to the light,” she said in flat tones.

With a heavy sigh he briefly paused, his expression stoic (as always) before removing the dark shades.

His eyes were nothing like Ada had ever seen before. His pupils were reptilian, perhaps even feline. The irises were orange and amber tinged with red. His eyes were beautiful, but entirely unnatural.


Ada did not know what startled her more. The fact she was not surprised by the sight, or the flicker of relief she saw in Wesker’s eyes at her lack of reaction to them.


The first time Ada met Leon she knew everything was about to change.

Leon was not like anyone she had ever known in her life. Chivalry was more than just a word to him; it was an ideal he strove to embody. Heroics were neither something Ada favoured or had time for, yet Leon’s selfless manner was difficult to ignore.

The more she tried to keep him at a distance the more determined he had been to intervene. Ada was not one for playing the damsel in distress, not unless her mission demanded it. She was more than capable of holding her own and had no qualms about making it clear to those in doubt. Yet Leon had in his own way become her reluctant knight.

It was the first time Ada ever found herself contemplating a life beyond her work. It was also the first time Wesker elicited an emotion. Even Ada could not have imagined that it would have been jealousy.


Wesker’s kiss caught her entirely off guard. The passion that emanated from it was unexpected as was the inexperience and naivety. Ada did not know what to make of it and so she did not allow herself to think.

It was not sweet or innocent like Leon’s, nor desperate like john, it was powerful, all consuming and filled with questions neither could answer. Love was definitely not in the equation. How could it? They both had only one love and it was not for the other, or so she believed.

His hands were warm, solid and entirely awkward. In another time another place, she might have laughed at the irony of it all. She was not laughing now.

It was hardly romantic, it was not entirely comfortable either. Neither was accustomed to displays of vulnerability. Certainly not the sort that was sincere, nevertheless it was honest, and it was real.

It was the first time Ada had let down her guard in years; it would also be the last.

Their relationship was never the same after that. Trust was a burden that Ada never imagined she ever have to bear. One look into Wesker’s strange eyes and she knew he felt the same way.

That night changed everything between them. There would be no looking back now.


Wesker was not a man known for his vulnerability, or his generosity, yet there was little doubt in Ada’s mind to the true meaning behind his offer. The virus was more than just a business proposition or a chance to secure their plans, it was a gift and something so much more.

She was not a scientist by trade, but even Ada knew that the symbiotic relationship between the virus and its host would not last. In spite of the physical advancements, it had given Wesker she could already see the beginning signs of it turning on its host.

The only reluctance she felt at evading the offer was knowing that they would never come so close to facing the truth.

Love was a factor neither could afford.
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