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Resident Evil: 'Ties That Bind part 2' *Ada/Wesker fic/drabbles*

Title: The Ties That Bind Part 2
Fandom: Resident Evil (games)
Prompt: #67. Snow
Warnings: Contains Spoilers from RE5
Genre: General/possible AU/romance
Character(s): Ada Wong/Albert Wesker Leon Kennedy, Jack Krauser, Excella, OFC.
Rating: Mild PG for dark undertone themes.
Author's Notes: This one is for arcanelegacy who got me hooked on the pairing of Ada/Wesker. This one is for you girl!

Summary: Love was not a factor either could afford. Yet one thing was certain no one would ever take Ada's place and no one could ever replace Wesker. Part one is here.


“You’re working with Wesker.”

Ada did not allow herself to consider the judgment in Leon’s tone of voice. Or the fact he now saw her as just another threat to be undone. Long gone was the naïve rookie cop, leaving in its wake a hardened and dangerous man.

At any other time Ada might have been offended by his tone, instead all she felt was relief. The innocence was still there it was just a little more jaded now.

With a knowing smile, and a few coy words Ada dodged the demand for answers. This time there was no regrets.

She did not owe Leon an explanation and even if she had, Ada knew that Leon would not understand. Men like him never did.

So she let her training take control and made her exit. There would be time enough later to consider her actions and the bridge she had just burned.


Ada had no interest in Jack Krauser or his boorish ways. He was not a man capable of appreciating the finer things in life. He also lacked the brilliance she had come to take for granted from years of working along side Wesker.

However, it did make for some interesting dynamics. It was amazing what one could make another do with a mere smile, or a gentle, innocent touch.

Krauser may have been a fool, but Wesker was not. It was not long after that another agent, a young woman, was hired to perform similar duties and missions Ada once prided herself in completing.

The message was both obvious and subtle at the same time. There was no doubt in Ada’s mind what Wesker was trying to say. A lesser woman might have been concerned but Ada knew Albert better than he knew himself. She was worth far too much to him to bother with replacements.

The agent earned the respect of Krauser and proved to be perfect match for the brutish soldier. Together they were a force to be reckoned with leaving Ada and Wesker in a position to continue their plans without further interruptions.

In the end, everyone got what they desired.


Wesker’s obsession with the two S.T.A.R.S members Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield was than just revenge, it was personal. Whatever had happened at the old Spencer Mansion had changed Albert forever. It was not for the better.

Ada knew that the virus was turning on her compatriot but she never understood how bad it had become until Jill’s capture. It was not the first time Wesker had spoken of destiny, the future or what lied ahead for them both.

It was however, the first time he referred to himself as a god. It would not be the last.

The gift he had once offered Ada was now being given freely to another. The weight of its meaning was not lost on Ada but she was not jealous, only disappointed.

She never had the pleasure of meeting Chris Redfield in person, but when Albert forcibly gave Jill the virus meant for her Ada’s heart went out to him.

She could only hope that when the time came Chris would have the courage to do to Jill what Ada knew she would one day have to do to Albert.


Excella was to Wesker, what Krauser was to Ada, nothing more than a means to an end. It did not stop Ada from hating the arrogant aristocrat for taking advantage of Albert’s condition.

After months of watching her friend and colleague become lost to delusions of grandeur, Ada knew that the time for denial had finally run out. The virus was rapidly taking control and deteriorating what was left of Wesker’s mind. It would be only a matter of time before her friend and confidante would become nothing more than a mindless bio-weapon.

It was difficult to remain at his side now with so much talk of new orders, gods and superior species. Ada did not speak her thoughts on the matter, nor did she express her concern. She knew that Wesker needed her support more than he needed her judgment.

However, when Albert admitted to his plan of removing Excella, Ada could not help but smile. The virus may have robbed her of a friend and more, but it could not erase the one unspoken understanding they both shared.

No one could ever take her place, just as no one would ever take his.


Where Ada had failed, Chris Redfield had not. The news of Wesker’s demise reached Ada’s attention while she had been taking a brief, albeit much needed, reprise from the daily demands of her duties.

How they had managed to locate her at the Parisian opera house Ada could not say, but she did not doubt her contacts capabilities.

Albert’s death did not surprise her, nor did the sense of relief felt or the guilt that followed. Only the moisture that threatened to spill from her eyes had caught her off guard.

Ada had promised herself to do what was necessary when the time came, yet when it had, she could not bring herself to do it. Albert succumbed to the virus and died in disgrace by the very man he so desperately wanted to both destroy and embody.

It was her sole act of cowardess and Ada never forgave herself for it.


The graveyard was empty, as was the grave that Ada visited from time to time. Barely visible beneath the beauty of the wildflowers rested the grave marker that marked Albert Wesker’s memory. While most took the time to clear away the flowers and brush from loved one‘s tombs Ada could not bring herself to do it for Wesker‘s. It just felt more appropriate to leave the wildflowers as they were.

“Rest in peace old friend,” she murmured, as calloused fingers brushed against the cool ledge of the hidden tombstone.

Turning away Ada softly sighed to herself. The world was not ready for a man like Albert, in truth, he had not been ready for the world either.

Perhaps in death Albert Wesker could finally find his place amongst the stars.
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